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Mission & Values

Our Values

We believe in the power of convening and community. 

  • Throughout our history, we have brought together experts from diverse backgrounds — across disciplines, from industry, academia, and government—to address the major issues of our time and to advance our core mission to pursue science and technology for the benefit of society. 

We know and trust that science has the answers.  

  • Whether grappling with global challenges or local issues, we firmly believe that strategic applications of scientific knowledge are indispensable for the discovery and development of meaningful solutions. 

We celebrate scientific advancement and achievement. 

  • We are devoted to recognizing the innovative work coming from within the scientific community, from students and early career researchers to senior scientists, while also promoting a better understanding of new developments in science and technology.  

We are committed to fostering diversity in science. 

  • Throughout our 200+ year history, we have taken decisive steps to include everyone with an interest in science. Recognizing that women and people of color are historically underrepresented in scientific research and leadership roles today, we actively work towards a transformative change whereby inclusion promotes a diversity of thought and perspective that will benefit us all.

Our Work in Action

The Academy catalyzes scientific progress by mobilizing our community all over the globe. This is the impact they’re making to help solve some of the world’s toughest challenges.