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Research & Policy Consulting Services

Translating complex science to inform and shape public policy.

Through our network, we have supported the identification of multiple public–private partnerships for joint ventures that can help advise national and local governments, industry, and academia on the development of informed science policy to optimize economic and social benefits for the public at large.

Taking a collective action approach, the Academy seeks to create frameworks for broad discussions that combine the best of scientific expertise with a breadth of perspective and background, enabling insightful evaluations of issues of scientific importance and their policy implications.

Core Capabilities 


The Policy Group works with industry, government, and university stakeholders to collectively identify and prioritize areas of focus in science and technology. 

Facilitation and Convening 

Our trained facilitators work with clients to efficiently identify problems, coordinate discussions, and conduct strategic planning. 


We employ a variety of tools and techniques to assess national, local, and institutional policies and programs to determine their efficacy, especially as they relate to missions and objectives. We also help identify and define key performance indicators to aid in evaluation and assessment. 


Our staff work closely with leaders from a variety of institutions, including universities, laboratories, companies, and governments, to design new science, technology, and entrepreneurship strategies, policies, and programs. 

Implementation and Restructuring 

Through the use of logic modeling and additional theories of change, we help clients to implement and evaluate strategic and operational plans emphasizing structural, cultural, and policy change. The goal is to build consensus and manage change. 


The Policy Group undertakes research inquiries to explore open questions related to higher education attainment, public–private partnerships, business models, and entrepreneurship. This includes scoping of complex scientific areas, such as vaccines, alternative energy, and disease prevention. Scoping research is shared at appropriate influential events, often at The Academy’s state-of-the-art-facilities in New York City, as well as at appropriate scientific meetings and global conferences. 

Communications and Knowledge Exchange 

The Academy’s infrastructure includes well-established mechanisms for information dissemination. This includes proven models of knowledge exchange such as: white papers, project reports, convenings, webinars, publication in Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, scientific meetings, and, where appropriate, media, web, and social media outreach. 


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