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  • Alzheimer's Disease Summit: The Path to 2025

    November 6 - 7, 2013
    The New York Academy of Sciences

    Presented by The New York Academy of Sciences, National Institute on Aging/NIH and the Global CEO Initiative on Alzheimer's Disease

    The Live Stream for this event is no longer available.

    Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a large and growing global health, fiscal and economic challenge, one whose current trajectory threatens to destabilize health care systems and economies in both developed and developing nations. Governments in Europe, Asia and North America have committed to making Alzheimer's a global priority, and they have created important engagements with key stakeholders in their efforts. Action must be taken now to avert this crisis by accelerating the development of new AD diagnostics and therapeutics through action-oriented programs.

    A primary goal of this critical meeting is to convene leading industry, academic, and government stakeholders to actively participate in discussions regarding how to prevent and effectively treat Alzheimer's by 2025, by coordinating with governmental efforts to build research resources, reengineer our current drug development and evaluation systems, and identify innovative technologies and financing models. The outcome of this meeting will comprise a research agenda that will delineate the pathways needed to effectively treat and prevent Alzheimer's disease by 2025.

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    Presented by

    • The New York Academy of Sciences
    • Global CEO Initiative on Alzheimer's Disease
    • NIH NIA