• Editor's Guide to Writing and Publishing Your Paper

    Editor's Guide to Writing and Publishing Your Paper

    Speaker: Brooke Grindlinger, Chief Scientific Officer, Scientific Programs & Blavatnik Awards (The New York Academy of Sciences)Presented by the New York Academy of Sciences
    Posted May 13, 2016


    Publishing is critical to the scientific profession yet few opportunities exist for science PhDs to gain formal training in this area. At the Disease Drivers of Aging: 2016 Advances in Geroscience Summit, presented by the Gerontological Society of America, the American Federation for Aging Research, the Trans-NIH GeroScience Interest Group, and the New York Academy of Sciences on April 13–14, 2016, Brooke Grindlinger shared her expertise as a former editor for the Journal of Clinical Investigation. Her talk, titled "Editor's Guide to Writing and Publishing Your Paper," gave attendees an inside look into the editorial review process and how to present the results of their work.

    Grindlinger covered all the steps from selecting the right journal to dealing with the revision and resubmission process. She delved into manuscript writing, providing tips for how to prepare each section of a paper, and covered the most common mistakes to avoid. She also described the peer review process, including how referees are selected, the common reasons for rejection, and strategies for following up or appealing a negative decision.

    Graduate students, postdocs, and junior faculty can all benefit from viewing this seminar. Download the slide presentation in PDF form.

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