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  • From Scientist to CSO: A Leadership Prep Course for Scientists in Business, Academia, Government and Research Institutes

    October 15 - December 3, 2013
    The New York Academy of Sciences

    Presented by the Science Alliance

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    With the shift in available jobs moving away from academia and the need to “do more with less” dollars, understanding the skills necessary to compete and succeed in a business or industry setting is critical. While universities are effectively training scientists to solve problems and think analytically, they often neglect to develop the communication, performance management and team building skills that are essential for both careers in business and industry and for leading a productive and efficient academic research team. This program addresses three stages of a young scientist career: getting ready for a competitive job market, discovering and using ALL of your talent to secure a desired job position, and, successfully perform as a team member and leader for the first 18 months in a new position and culture.

    From Scientist to CSO is designed with a focus on students, postdocs, and other technical professionals making the transition and seeking preparation for leadership and management positions in any organization. Based on the SciPhD training program, From Scientist to CSO introduces the 24 core business competencies essential for the initial career success outside of academia. These transition business competencies can also be applied by academic and government scientists to improve the way in which they run their laboratories. This course provides training in the following key areas: Team Leadership, Performance Management, Communications, Project Management, Process Improvement and Finance.

    One of the most effective and unique features of this program is how the instructors relate these business competencies to the Scientific Method and associated research activities and behaviors commonly experienced by academic scientists. This approach helps students gain an awareness and deeper understanding of how their own experiences can strengthen their competitiveness for industry positions. The course also provides a self-assessment tool that introduces students to each of the 24 competencies, has them rank their own skill level, and develop “experience statements” from their own career that supports their rankings. A detailed report generated by the assessment tool then maps the student's capabilities to those that are critical to different kinds of jobs in different industries. The instructors will then show how to use this information to develop powerful targeted resumes, and prepare for effective interviews.

    The 24 competencies at the heart of this course fall into six categories:


    Creating the Vision
    Technical Scientific
    Risk Management


    Technical Literacy
    Style Flexibility
    Emotional Intelligence
    Social Intelligence


    Developing People

    Achieving Results

    Financial Acumen
    Return on Investment
    Internal Rate of Return
    Determining Performance Metrics
    Managing the Balance Sheet

    This 40 hour course is offered over nine sessions, meeting 7 Tuesday evenings and 2 full days on Saturday from October to December. In order to receive a certificate of completion, students must attend 80% of the classes.

    From Scientist to CSO is being presented by the Science Alliance program of the New York Academy of Sciences. Science Alliance provides career education, development, and training for graduate students and postdocs in the sciences and serves 6,500 young scientists from over forty partner organizations located in the New York metropolitan area, nationally, and around the globe.

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