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We drive innovative solutions to society’s challenges by advancing scientific research, education and policy.

The New York Academy of Sciences brings together an extraordinary global community of scientists, science-enthusiasts and leaders in industry, academia, and the public sector to expand the frontiers of scientific research and share research.  


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June 13, 2024
Abstract: Although biotherapeutic drugs have the potential of transforming the management of many life‐threatening diseases, their affordability and accessibility remain an issue. This study offers an overvi...
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June 11, 2024
Abstract: Many predators ambush prey rather than pursue them or shift between foraging modes. Active predators typically encounter prey more frequently than ambush predators. I designed a simulation model to...
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June 05, 2024
Abstract: An intriguing perspective about human emotion, the theory of constructed emotion considers emotions as generative models according to the Bayesian brain hypothesis. This theory brings fresh insight...
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June 05, 2024
Abstract: Significant advancements in public health come from scientific discoveries, but more are needed to meet the ever‐growing societal needs. Examining the best practices of outstanding scientists may h...
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Founded in New York City in 1817, The New York Academy of Sciences’ impact now extends to more than 140 countries in virtually every corner of the globe: from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. With a diverse and passionate network of program participants, award winners, active Members, and other partners, the Academy is a global leader in advancing science for the public good.

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