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We drive innovative solutions to society’s challenges by advancing scientific research, education and policy.

The New York Academy of Sciences brings together an extraordinary global community of scientists, science-enthusiasts and leaders in industry, academia, and the public sector to expand the frontiers of scientific research and share research.  


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May 21 - 23, 2024
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April 08, 2024
Abstract: When intellectual values are no longer paramount, other commitments—say to the professionalized disciplinary pathways that have congealed as the default means of university organization and governa...
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April 02, 2024
Abstract: We are at the beginning of the beginning of the beginning of the development of AI. The ethical issues we first saw and are still grappling with have been overtaken by others, and there are yet oth...
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March 26, 2024
Abstract: The Hadley circulation (HC) is a global‐scale atmospheric feature with air descending in the subtropics and ascending in the tropics, which plays a fundamental role in Earth's climate because it tr...
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March 25, 2024
Abstract: This paper considers neural representation through the lens of active inference, a normative framework for understanding brain function. It delves into how living organisms employ generative models...
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Founded in New York City in 1817, The New York Academy of Sciences’ impact now extends to more than 140 countries in virtually every corner of the globe: from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. With a diverse and passionate network of program participants, award winners, active Members, and other partners, the Academy is a global leader in advancing science for the public good.

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