The Year in Cognitive Neuroscience

Edited by Edited by Alan Kingstone (University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada) and Michael B. Miller (University of California, Santa Barbara, California)
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The Year in Cognitive Neuroscience

Published: May 2014

Volume 1316

Scholarly review articles at the forefront of cognitive neuruoscience
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This Annals volume presents in-depth reviews of a range of topics, including a new theoretical model that suggests the involvement of two different stages in visual perceptual learning; the component processes, dynamic control, and clinical relevance of the default network; the insula as a critical neural substrate for craving and drug seeking under conflict and risk; a new perspective on the perceptual selectivity of attention under load; an exploration of case studies that continue to illuminate the cognitive neuroscience of memory; the neuroethology of friendship; and hierarchical processing in music, language, and action.