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Academy Staff Experience 2024 Eclipse

As a historic eclipse graced the skies above New York City and other parts of the country on April 8, 2024, staff members with The New York Academy of Sciences were not going to miss out on this rare opportunity. Below are submissions from a handful of Academy staff who documented this historic happening.

The Academy’s digital content manager Nick Fetty shot this southwest facing timelapse video (sped up to 20X speed) of the eclipse as it passed by the Academy’s office at 115 Broadway around 3:20 p.m. It looks like you can see the crescent moon (perhaps reflecting off the lens or other glass) in the middle of the video frame during the first 10 seconds.

See you in 2079, when the next total full solar eclipse will be visible in New York City!


Academy Communications Department
This article was written by a member of the Academy Communications team.