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#IAmNYAS: Fredda Weinberg

This series showcases the diversity of the Academy community. Take a moment to meet a member!

The Academy community represents one of the most dynamic and diverse groups of STEM professionals and science enthusiasts and supporters around the world. Academy members are building STEM careers, overcoming the challenges associated with cutting-edge research, putting science into practice, influencing policy and supporting future generations of science leaders.

Fredda Weinberg

Fredda Weinberg, a graduate of the original Junior Academy program, returned to the Academy as a member while pursuing her Master’s in Information Systems. A programmer for Reliable Health Systems, Fredda is passionate about “connecting the needy to sources of security, justice, and sustenance.”

How did you get hooked on a STEM career?
The ability to reproduce results was enough to convert me from superstitious to scientific.

Was there someone who helped encourage you to pursue a career in STEM?
My chemistry teacher at Sheepshead Bay High School [in Brooklyn, NY], in 1977, showed me my first programming language and suggested that one day, it could be a career.

What has been one of the most rewarding moments of your career?
There’s nothing like having your work profiled on the local evening news. A little technology, leveraged properly, changed countless lives for kids who previously did not imagine they had a future.

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Academy Staff
This article was written by a member of the Academy staff.