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John Niblack

Honorary Life Governor

Former President, Pfizer Global Research & Development

John F. Niblack was Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Pfizer Inc, and President, Pfizer Global Research and Development. He retired from the company after 36 years of service in September 2002.

As president of Pfizer’s Global Research and Development division, and its principal scientific officer, Dr. Niblack managed the largest pharmaceutical research force in the world industry, with 12,000 researchers operating on an annual research budget of over $5 billion at the time of his retirement. Pfizer Global R&D research activities span almost every area of medical need, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, mental illness, infectious disease, and metabolic disorders.

Dr. Niblack presently consults for companies and investors involved in pharmaceutical innovation. He is also a student and avid collector of classical Chinese paintings.

Dr. Niblack earned a BS degree in chemistry from Oklahoma State University in 1960, and received his MS and PhD degrees in biochemistry from the University of Illinois in 1968.