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Virtual Event
Chat with a Scientist: Marine Exploration
12 Nov 2023



Join the New York Academy of Sciences, in partnership with NEOM, for a virtual Chat with a Scientist series, where you will gain insights into the significance of the oceans and their impact on our global ecosystem.

The ocean covers approximately 70% of Earth’s surface, and is a vital force in supporting the planet’s biodiversity and sustaining life, yet there is still so much left to be discovered and explored. Each one-hour event in this six part series will feature scientists, advocates, and leaders whose work focuses on marine life and the oceans themselves, and who will help shed light on the importance of understanding these vast bodies of water and their connection to life on land.

Participants will not only expand their knowledge, but also gain valuable insights into the world of scientific exploration and discovery. Most importantly, guest speakers will be available to answer questions directly from viewers, allowing you to engage with these experts in a meaningful way. While the events primarily target middle and high school students, attendees of all ages are welcome, and we especially encourage students to participate alongside their families.


This event has been completed and a video is available.

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