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Hybrid Event
Deepfakes and Democracy in the Age of AI
17 Sep 2024



A recent Associated Press poll reveals that 58% of US adults across both political parties believe that AI will amplify the spread of misinformation in the 2024 presidential election.  Despite this widespread distrust, some political candidates have already leveraged deepfake ads in elections, utilizing AI-generated images and text-to-voice converters to craft highly realistic visuals that blur the line between truth and deception.

Beyond influencing public opinion with such deepfakes, AI can also skew election outcomes by deploying chatbots on a massive scale to target millions of voters with tailored political messages.While AI-enabled technologies present significant risks to elections’ integrity and societal cohesion, they also potentially enhance our democratic institutions. This technology can boost civic engagement and strengthen the electoral system by increasing accessibility and mitigating existing biases.   

Join us on September 17th for a conversation alongside a panel of experts from political consulting, social neuroscience, and deepfake technologies to explore AI’s dual potential to bolster and undermine the political system. This program is available in person and virtually, with member tickets as low as $10.

The Academy strongly recommends in-person participation to network with fellow participants and be prioritized throughout the Q+A session. 


The event is open for registration.