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Hybrid Event
Targeting Molecular Mechanisms of Aging
10 - 11 May 2023



Aging is the strongest risk factor for many serious diseases and co-morbidities, including cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, frailty, and sarcopenia. Increasing evidence suggests that aging occurs in a regulated manner and that perturbation of discrete cell-signaling pathways can extend lifespan and delay age-related diseases and co-morbidities.  A number of key questions have surfaced through research efforts to better understand the molecular mechanisms underlying age-associated disease.  For example, what are the triggers for age-induced changes?  Which pathways are activated or suppressed as a result of age?  How could counter-regulating these pathways be used to treat established diseases that are age-related, or to improve co-morbidities which are age-associated?

This conference will bring scientists together from across academia and industry to examine these questions through a keynote and plenary talks on modeling aging in different systems, biomarkers and molecular clocks, disease processes and other age-related diseases, epigenetics and germline mutations, proteostasis and senescence, and secreted factors and reprogramming.  The concepts discussed in this symposium will help to drive work to improve treatments of age-related disorders.


This event has been completed.