Organizational Membership

Corporate membership within the Academy offers many benefits to your organization, and to the scientific community at large:

  • Provides a neutral, pre-competitive forum for coordinating stakeholders and disparate organizations—including industry, NGOs, academia, and policymakers.

  • Consolidates voices of experts in a field efficiently to help funders make effective investments in solutions.

  • Enables networking for business leaders, as well as potential customers and partners, in a pre-competitive environment.

  • Offers businesses and organizations a competitive edge by providing unparalleled access to thought-leaders at the cutting edge of innovation.

  • Engages stakeholders in convening activities and rapidly disseminates findings, leveraging the Academy’s conference and publishing strengths (including the high-impact journal – Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences – and novel electronic publications of the highest quality).

  • Facilitates channels for professional development of current employees and workforce development for future employees.

  • Provides membership benefits for your employees, including free or discounted event registration to more than 100 scientific convenings annually.

Corporate Members

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For more information about corporate membership opportunities, contact:

Claire W. Gallagher
Director, Corporate Relations