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Working at the Academy

The New York Academy of Sciences’ staff share a constructive spirit and a willingness to take responsibility to address the challenges faced by society through scientific enterprise. Our organizational culture fosters openness, inclusivity, and innovation, and we are proud to work with a network of like-minded partners worldwide to deliver high-quality programs and publications to our members and beyond. 

At the Academy, supervisors utilize a comprehensive onboarding plan to guide new employees during their first six months, equipping them with the necessary tools and resources for success. Through a structured approach to goal-setting and by providing continuous feedback throughout the year, employees are supported in achieving success matching their role’s objectives. 

In the age of the hybrid workplace, the Academy is committed to finding new ways to enhance employee connections with their colleagues while building collaborative cross-functional teams.

Supporting the ongoing development of the whole person fosters long-term talent retention, and to that end, we encourage employees to shape their Academy experience to align with their purpose and future goals. 

The Academy relies on our employees and partners to serve as ambassadors who adhere to the following principles, which guide us toward achieving our organizational goals: 

  • Excellence: We maintain high standards and ambitious goals across all programs and services.
  • Inclusivity: We embrace diversity of ideas, disciplines, audiences, partners and approaches.
  • Passion: We are inspired by the potential of science to make a positive impact.
  • Integrity: We cultivate an environment of trust, respect and credibility.
  • Ingenuity: We value creativity, innovative thinking, open-mindedness, resourcefulness and efficiency.
  • Collaboration: We encourage teamwork, knowledge sharing and partnerships.
  • Commitment to the Public Good: We tackle society’s challenges and aim to improve the human condition through scientific enterprise.