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STEM Certification Program

STEM Education for the 21st Century

In today’s global information- and technology-driven economy, people must be both STEM literate and equipped with 21st-century skills such as creativity, communication, collaboration and persistence in order to be successful. Because STEM education is more important than ever, countless organizations are developing and promoting STEM content, resources, and instructional programs for the education sector.

However, little objective information exists to help decision-makers identify high-quality materials. The Academy’s STEM Certification Program addresses this challenge by reviewing educational materials against our STEM Education Framework, a set of research-based best practices that foster STEM learning and the development of 21st-century skills. The Framework was developed by The New York Academy of Sciences in conjunction with SRI Education, a division of SRI International and an established leader in STEM education research, and reviewed by an international advisory board of education experts.

The STEM Education Framework establishes a standard for STEM teaching based on the latest science and education research. Materials that meet the rigorous standards of the Framework receive official STEM Certification status from The New York Academy of Sciences.

An Open Educational Resource for Recognizing Quality STEM Materials

The STEM Education Framework is a freely available resource to be used by anyone engaged in STEM education — curriculum developers, content providers, teachers, students, parents, school leaders, policymakers and philanthropists — to ensure that their efforts align to sound pedagogy and best practices. The Framework outlines 26 features of quality STEM education in three fundamental areas:

  • Core Competencies: To what extent are students provided with opportunities to develop essential 21st-century skills?
  • Instructional Design: To what extent do the materials and/or program design reflect research-based pedagogy and a cohesive system of learning objectives, supports, and assessment resources?
  • Implementation: To what extent are necessary supports or services available to facilitate distribution and ensure effective implementation?

Review Process

  1. Submit materials for review. Any curriculum, set of instructional materials, educational program or product intended for formal or informal STEM learning may be submitted for review, including instructional software, online courses, educational games, apps, and professional development resources.
  2. Reviews conducted by independent experts. All reviews are performed by a panel of experts with advanced degrees and deep knowledge related to the subject matter, grade level and intended audience of the materials under review.
  3. Receive actionable feedback. Each review concludes with a detailed report of how the materials align to each element of the STEM Education Framework.
  4. Receive STEM Certification. Materials that align to the framework receive official certification from the New York Academy of Sciences.

Benefits of Certification

  • Recognition that your materials reflect best practices
  • Official New York Academy of Sciences certification seal for use on educational materials and promotional materials
  • Recognition on our website

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