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Science Salons

Intimate monthly dinner events with top scientific thinkers, providing unparalleled access to advanced knowledge, elite networking opportunities, and personalized strategic advice.

The Science Salon Experience

The Science Salon Experience offers exclusive, intimate dinners in New York City with top scientific thinkers, delivering cutting-edge insights in STEM. These monthly events provide unparalleled opportunities for elite networking and strategic advice. Each gathering features a thought-provoking presentation and engaging discussions, captured in a post-event Research Briefing for attendees. Join us to stay at the forefront of innovation and connect with a community of influential leaders.

Salon Membership

Join this elite circle with annual Salon memberships offered at the following levels:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond

Annual Science Salon Membership

Join this elite circle with annual Science Salon memberships offered at the following levels:

Membership TierSilverGoldPlatinumDiamond
Annual Membership Fee$12,500$25,000$33,750$40,000
Annual Member BenefitsChoice of up to 3 SalonsChoice of up to 6 SalonsChoice of up to 9 SalonsALL 12 Salons
Exclusive Networking OpportunitiesAccess to a private dinner Salon where members can interact with each other, with expert scientist speakers, and Academy leadership.
Post-event Research BriefingSummaries of Salon speaker presentations and discussions (prepared by a science writer), including additional resources and reading materials suggested by the speaker.
1-Year Professional Academy MembershipBelong to a vibrant community committed to propelling scientific discovery forward and inspiring the next generation of innovators. Within this community, you are connected to a vast network of colleagues and resources spanning the globe, enriching you with diverse perspectives.
Invitations to Public EventsComplimentary invitations to larger public events or lectures hosted by The Academy.
Meet-the-Speaker ReceptionsInvitations to pre-Salon receptions with the speaker for more personal interaction and networking.
Complimentary Guest PassOne complimentary Guest Pass per year to invite a friend or colleague to a Salon. Pending availability.

Upcoming Salons

Explore our upcoming exclusive Salons featuring prominent scientific experts. This summer, we will announce the complete schedule for the 2024-2025 Science Salons, beginning in Fall 2024.

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Contact Us

To discuss your Science Salon membership and availability at upcoming Salons, contact Dr. Sonya Dougal, SVP Scientific Programs & Awards at