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  • Water and Health: Global Issues and Our Shared Responsibilities

    Friday, November 13, 2009 | 1:15 PM - 5:30 PM
    The New York Academy of Sciences

    Presented by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, The New York Academy of Sciences, and the Johns Hopkins University Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies

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    During his presidential campaign, then Senator Barack Obama was frequently heard to exclaim that "water is one of the grand challenges facing the 21st century." Since his election President Obama has highlighted several aspects of this pressing issue, including universal access to clean water, the increasingly complex politics of water, and the crumbling water infrastructure which poses threats in even the most economically developed nations. None of this is news to the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and its legion of researchers who have been actively engaged in water science since the early 20th century when Abel Wolman pioneered the chlorinating process for public water supplies. To echo President Obama's call to action, and to publicize the challenges posed, the Bloomberg School will be hosting a symposium on water on Friday, November 13, at the New York Academy of Sciences offices in lower Manhattan.

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