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Academy events, publications and staff experts featured in external media.

MAR 06, 2024
DeepFest dissects true potential of AI to transform everything from cancer medicine to social fabric
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FEB 22, 2024
Ambivalence Over AI: We Are All Prometheus Now
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FEB 02, 2024
Governor Hochul Announces Release of Technical Chapters of New York State Climate Impacts Assessment
New York State – Governor’s Press Office
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FEB 01, 2024
How a fake, 10-second recording briefly upended New York politics
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JAN 31, 2024
Don’t let geopolitics get in the way of scientific cooperation with China
The Hill
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JAN 28, 2024
The ‘Barbie’ movie could help push more girls into STEM fields
The Washington Post
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JAN 17, 2024
Prestigious Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists in the UK to bestow £480,000 to nine scientists across the UK
Science X
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DEC 21, 2023
Campus leaders shouldn’t be judged on their political pronouncements
Times Higher Education
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DEC 13, 2023
Trust, truth, and representation
Research Outreach
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DEC 12, 2023
Elham Azizi, PhD, Wins 2024 Innovators in Science Award from New York Academy of Sciences
Columbia University Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center
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DEC 05, 2023
Schreiber receives scientific innovator award
Washington University School of Medicine
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DEC 2023
Consciousness: Not just a problem for philosophers
Big Think: Dispatches from The Well
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OCT 05, 2023
One judge’s ruling threatens American scientific research and representation
The Hill
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OCT 02, 2023
Feinstein Institutes’ Ross Prize awardees win 2023 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
Business Wire
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AUG 24, 2023
Restricted Funding Is Stifling Scientific Progress
Chronicle of Philanthropy
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AUG 10, 2023
Joonho Lee named a laureate of the 2023 Blavatnik Regional Awards for Young Scientists
The Harvard Gazette
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JUL 02, 2023
Humanists and social scientists must help shape the future of AI
Times Higher Education

JUN 27, 2023
How NYC hospitals are using artificial intelligence to save lives
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MAY 19, 2023
Scientist in residence helps Coney Island students see the city’s wildlife beyond pigeons
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