• Why Worry?

    The Threat of Abrupt Climate Change

    Why Worry?

    The Threat of Abrupt Climate Change

    Speakers: Gavin A. Schmidt & Ronald L. Miller (NASA GISS/Columbia)Presented by the Atmospheric Sciences and Geology Section
    Reported by Sheri Fink | Posted January 31, 2005


    From the cover stories of popular science magazines to the content of popular Hollywood movies, the possibility of abrupt, catastrophic climate change has stirred the public imagination. But how real is the threat? At NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies, Gavin A. Schmidt and Ronald L. Miller are attempting to answer that question by creating climate models, testing them against evidence from historical climate records, and then using the models in an effort to predict the climate of the future. Topics discussed included Greenland's ice core, the ocean's overturning circulation, and the effects of greenhouse gases on the climate.

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